Shri Padmanabhaswamy is the richest temple in India. Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple is an old temple that has a set of histories that traces all the way back to 500 BC and is arranged in the East Fortress arranged in Thiruvananthapuram. Which is the capital of Kerala. The Incomparable managing divinity in the sanctuary to whom the sanctuary is committed is Lord Vishnu. The Shri Padmanabhaswamy, the richest temple in India is made of two styles of engineering, them being Kerala and Dravidian styles. All that is current today has a background marked by which can be followed back to. So does this sanctuary which returns to the eighth century.

This temple has been recognized as one among the other 108 Vishnu Sanctuaries or Divya Desams in India. These Divya Desams are viewed as the most consecrated and blessed where Lord Vishnu lives. They have additionally been referenced in the progress of the Tamilian Holy people otherwise called Azhvars. Indeed, the name of the capital city of Kerala that is Thiruvananthapuram also has been gotten from the preeminent divinity of Sri Padmanabhaswamy Sanctuary. Otherwise called Anantha who is the one leaning back on the Anathana serpent.

Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy Richest Temple in India

Consequently, Thiruvananthapuram implies the place where there is Sri Anantha Padmanabhaswamy. The primary subject of interest at this sanctuary is the discussion about its vaults and what makes the sanctuary or temple the richest temple in India. It is said that the Padmanabhaswamy Sanctuary treasure vaults hold fortunes enough to save the world from its different issues, yet the fortunes are limited by an antiquated revile. Let’s get into this secret of the Shri Padmanabhaswamy, the richest temple in India.

Padmanabhaswamy Sanctuary Fortune Vaults

The Shri Padmanabhaswamy, the richest temple in India has for some time been in talks. Due to its stories identified with hidden fortunes and is not normal for different sanctuaries of Kerala to be constrained by the imperial group of Travancore. The High Court made a board of trustees comprising of five individuals responsible for the organization of the sanctuary. Vinod Rai who was a representative and reviewer recently was made to review sanctuary properties, resources, and records. The court additionally retained opening vault B until and except if the wide range of various vaults were done.

It was uniquely in July 2011 that the overall population came to think about the secret fortune in the vaults and that the Padmanabhaswamy Sanctuary treasure was worth Rs. 100000 crores after the main report for the equivalent was presented by Vinod Rai. Obviously, the fortune was covered up five feet underneath the ground. Despite the fact that it was being said that vault B had not been opened. It was accounted for by Rai that as per the sanctuary records, the vault had been opened twice in 1990 and afterward multiple times in 2002. This secret with regards to the opening of vault B is hence as yet doing the rounds.  

What number of Vaults are Available and What Exists?

There is an aggregate of 6 vaults set apart from A to F. 5 out of 6 vaults have been opened starting in 2011. Vaults A and B store broad gold fortunes. C and D have gold and silver adornments. Furthermore, E and F have utensils and other sanctuary custom stuff.

The Revile Behind the Vaults

The Snake Cutting on Vault B. Vault B is entirely intensely ensured, to the point that there are two vestibules that lead to the primary vault. The carvings of a snake and a Yakshi on the entryway of the vault were done as a notice to keep out. It is said that Vault B was fixed to secure the Padmanabhaswamy Sanctuary treasure with the Naga Passim mantras recited by the most noteworthy religious heads during the hour of Lord Marthanda Varma. What’s more, the revile must be lifted uniquely with the assistance of probably the most noteworthy minister or priests.

A few Tales About the Revile Behind the Padmanabhaswamy Sanctuary Fortune:

  1. An event during the 1930s brought up a lot of issues about the revile being the Padmanabhaswamy Sanctuary treasure. It is said that scoundrels were attempting to break into vault B and were assaulted by a crowd of snakes that showed up out of the blue.
  2. Someone else related to the launch of the vaults confronted the loss of his mom. This reinforced the conviction of the illustrious family and every other person on the revile that holds the vaults.   
  3. Another intriguing story expresses that the sanctuary ministers had a go at opening the entryway over 100 years prior. So, they could utilize the fortune to save the country from continuous starvation at that point. Yet, as they drew nearer, they could hear spouting waves behind the entryway. Rumors have spread far and wide suggesting that it is associated with the Arabian Sea.

The sanctuary has sure stood out as truly newsworthy and has been a staggering occasion throughout the entire existence of the nation just as for the ones who found it burrowed somewhere inside. One ought to unquestionably visit the sanctuary at whatever point an outing anyplace close by is arranged.

What are in The Padmanabhaswamy Sanctuary Vaults? 

The sanctuary has six underground vaults which were found by archaeologists in 2001 named from A to F with the guide presented by the sanctuary ministers. Looking for the Padmanabhaswamy Sanctuary treasure they found:

Gold coins: 

This can be followed back to many years. It includes 7 kilograms of gold coins which could be followed back to the 1700s. 18 coins from the time of Napolean’s standard, important stones enclosed by heaps of silk furthermore 1000 kg of gold as coins and as trinkets.  


 Including a 9-foot-long gold accessory weighing 2.5 kg. 1 ton of rice pearls made with gold, gold stocks, precious stone bags, gold ropes, numerous bits of antique jewelry enhanced with jewels and emerald, and numerous different adornments in chamber A. These adornments were kept in antiquated bushels, earthen pots, copper pots and many more.  


A little brilliant sculpture of an elephant was found in the temple. Furthermore, a tall sculpture of Mahavishnu made with gold, diamonds, rubies, and other valuable stones was also found there. 

There were a few sovereigns with the 1772 seal implying that they had a place with the hour of King Karthika Thirunal Rama Varma. Be that as it may, at this point the presence of one more inward chamber which is concealed under Vault B has not been considered. This chamber is very antiquated and is accepted to be comprised of thick dividers of gold. This is where the secret proceeds since the regal group of Travancore aren’t allowing authorities to open the vault. Because they trust it might outrage the Divine beings and happen to an awful revile upon the country.

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